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SONY DSCWhen I’m not sure what to do with veggies, or I’m sick of eating them as a simple side I opt to make them into a pasta dish.

It is a straight forward technique, you can adapt it hundreds of ways, and if you don’t have the time to do it all at once feel free to break it up, even do half one day and half another.

Step One:

Chop up your veggie roughly, toss it in some olive oil, sprinkle on some salt and pepper. Throwit in the oven at 350f for about 30 min-1 hour. Take them out when they are soft.

When cool puree your veggies with any liquid in the pan. Tomatoes puree easily on their own, things like carrots might need a little water added to puree properly.

Step Two:

Brown some meat. Sausages are nice. Chicken breasts or legs will do. Ground beef works. Really whatever you fancy.

The importance of browning is that it builds a ton of falvor. Make sure your pan is heated well on medium-high with a good amount of olive oil. Lay the meat into the pan and listen for the sizzle. Watch the meat closely, when that side has turned a nice deep brown flip it to the other side. When done take the meat out of the pan, let cool, slice. SONY DSC

KEEP THE OIL IN THE PAN! That my friends is called fond lie, and it a magical ingredient that will add tons of flavour.


Slice up whatever additional veggies you want to throw into your pasta. I used red onions and zucchini. Heat up that same pan on a medium. Sautee your veggies in the oil from the meat. You only want to start the cooking process, so 2-3 minutes is all they need. SONY DSC


Add your pureed veggie and meat. Heat everything up, make sure to really scrape the bottom of the pan to incorporate the fond lie. Add a dash of cream or milk for a smoother sauce. Sour cream or cream cheese work as well. Add some grated cheese if you would like, parmesan is my favourite. Season with salt and pepper.SONY DSC