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Another lovely bunch of produce from Salt of the Earth Farm this weekend.

Kale, Chard and Spinach were there this week again…. At this point I was willing to chop up almost all of the kale and throw into a freezer bag to use in soups during the winter. I’ve had enough kale at the moment. Maybe knee deep in snow in January I’ll appreciate it a little more. Absence make the palette grow fonder?


There were a few more new items this time ’round. Scallions replaced the garlic scapes. I’ve seen enough of those for the season too (25lbs+, more on that in another post). I was happy to see the scallions, they add a nice bright green flavour to almost any dish.


Some lively looking hungarian hot wax peppers came this week. A quick google search came up with recommendations for pickling and stuffing. 

We also got a hearty amount of sugar snap peas. I had these for the first time last year and was excited to see them again.


I am in LOVE with the beautiful lettuce I’ve been getting.

I made a quick salad to bring to the in-laws and tossed together the one head of the butter head lettuce with some beet greens from last week (they kept great in the fridge), some spinach, radish, and scallions and tossed it with a quick vinaigrette made from garlic scape pesto (that recipe will be coming soon, it’s where most of those 25lbs went to).  It was delicious.

I also added some shredded raw milk gouda…. Which I wish I had never bought, the stuff has forever changed what I consider a good cheese. It’s EXPENSIVE. Now I’m going to have expensive cheese cravings… greeeaaattt.


A couple of small heads of broccoli made a modest presence in our basket. Local broccoli is much less sturdy than conventional stuff, it also wont last as long in your fridge, so eat it quickly if you can. A quick steam, some butter, salt and pepper and I’ve got a green veggie that my kid would eat endless amounts of.

It’s excited watching the produce rev up now that summer is really in full swing.