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More lovely produce from my CSA from Salt of the Earth Farm this past Saturday. Most of it is more of the same as last week. If you are looking for tips on how to store them, check this out.

Not only do these tricks help them last longer, it means less work for when you go to cook with the veggies.

Beet greens can be treated the same as the other greens. Dill is another herb, just stick it in a jar with some water like the cilantro.

Dill, fyi, is the PERFECT herb to give a rough chop and throw into some scrambled eggs. The combination is addictive.

I was lucky enough to get ahold of some of the rainbow chard this week. I guess it was forgotten from my basket last week (ahem)…..SONY DSC

While I was laying the leaves out to dry I caught myself staring at the jewel tones of the stems. It was the first time I had found a leafy green pretty, beautiful actually. I can understand why people wax poetic about this stuff now.


The beet greens were new this week. As I was cleaning them up and processing them for the fridge I noticed some little nibble holes throughout the leaves.


Before I would have seen those and freaked out:

OMG bugs have been on this! That’s disgusting, it can’t possibly be hygienic to eat food bugs have been on. That means there might be a possibility that bugs are STILL ON IT. Gross, if I ate this I could possibly even eat a bug! *Toss* into the compost it goes.

Now its more like:

Huh, I see some other little critter decided to try these out before I got to them. At least I know these weren’t washed down in life-killing chemicals. Well too bad for you buggers, its all mine now. Even if some of you manage to cling on after I wash and cook you- free protein!

That’s where the name ‘The Spotted Apple’ comes from. One of the hardest parts about adjusting to local food for me has been accepting the natural imperfections of real food. I’ve had to accept that the reason grocery stores have picture perfect produce is because the fields have been sprayed down in pesticides.

Hey farmer, farmer, put away your DDT
I don’t care about spots on my apples,
Leave me the birds and the bees

And now you can have that song stuck in your head all day, just like I have. You’re welcome.