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It was just myself and the youngest here this weekend so dinner was simple; fried eggs and toast. You can not overstate the tastiness of a buttered piece of toast dipped into egg yolk. It’s a great emergency empty-fridge, low on energy, avoiding takeout, meal.

None of us are born knowing how to cook, and for a lot of us we don’t get a chance to pick up the skills while we are young. I once tried to boil an egg in the microwave. FYI, they explode when you try to take the shell off…and they smell… like rotten eggs.

Frying an egg is almost as simple as it gets in the kitchen. The simplest things are usually the trickiest to get right.SONY DSC

Heat up a pan on medium-low to medium. Eggs shouldn’t be cooked on a high heat. You want to avoiding browning the egg too much, which makes it tough and rubbery.

Be sure to coat the pan with a modest amount of oil. I usually use olive oil, butter works well too. Julia Child was famous for her love of bacon fat.

Make sure the pan is good and heated before you crack the eggs in. In a cold pan the whites will spread before the heat can set them. Crack the egg into the pan then season with salt and pepper

Cook the eggs until they begin to turn white. You can now either flip the eggs with a spatula (which runs the risk of breaking the yolk), cover the pan and cook the eggs for another few minutes, or if you like your yolks runny leave them as is till the white is set.

Timing depends on how you like your eggs, how high your heat is, and how well your pan conducts it. Until you feel confident just throw an extra egg on at the start and use it as your tester.

You can lightly touch the eggs to see how cooked they are. The firmer they are to the touch the more cooked the yolk. If you aren’t sure, just slice into your tester egg and you have your answer.

Remember, the eggs will continue to cook once you take them out of the pan (called carry over cooking). So take them out just before they are how you would like.


When you are making something as simple as this, higher quality ingredients make all the difference. Use sea salt, freshly ground pepper and farm fresh eggs if you are lucky enough to have access to some. I am the lucky owner of an egg farm share from Salt of the Earth Farm, which I talked about more here. I’ve eaten a lot of eggs in my day and pastored, farm eggs do live up to all the hype.

Get a few dozen fried eggs under your belt and you’ll have a quick, satisfying, delicious meal available whenever you need it. Fried eggs are great to add to other meals as well, they work well on top of rice or pasta dishes such as risotto, add some bacon or ham and you can make a filling sandwich.